Thursday, 28 July 2011

Celestia - A Home Planetarium

Many of you out there will probably have Google Earth on your system, those that haven't will at least have heard of it. I was surprised to discover an outer space equivalent called CELESTIA  ... I'd never heard of it before but am pleased that I came across it whilst surfing 'the net'. Basically it's a planetarium that you install on your PC (or Mac) but it's a planetarium with a difference. Normally you sit in a room (in the dark...wicked) and look up at the wonders of the Universe being projected about whilst being accompanied by Pink Floyd (you usually get a bad neck at the same time too). CELESTIA still lets you do it the traditional way (without the big projections & bad neck though) but it also takes you on a journey through the cosmos & the infinities of space. It's quite an amazing experience. You can tell it where to take you, see constellations from a different perspective and fly out to the planets. It also has real time tracking installed in it so it knows where the ISS (International Space Station) is at any given time. I have spent hours playing around with it and it's certainly worth checking out.