Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hellcat Honeys

It's somewhat of a double feature today as I am going to shout about two stores. Both these stores feature some wonderful artwork of rather saucy ladies...all done in the best possible taste of course so no worries there.

The first store featured today is the delightfully named HELLCAT HONEYS / MODERN PINUPS. Their products cover any occasion but specialise in Birthdays & the Holiday Season. Most of the artwork in the store is created using  flat, clean, vector artwork. The poses & shapes the 'girls' throw are very reminiscent of the traditional 1950's pin ups that we've all seen from time to time. What really captivated me though was the other section in the store...the NON PIN-UP ART. I found myself looking at the images for a very long time, wondering just how they were created. There's a very (for want of a better description) 'nylon stocking' / netting look to the images. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like them before. They are quite simply...exquisite!

Do go & have a look for yourselves. It's certainly worth it. Here's a few sample images to wet your appetite.