Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Chiodo Brothers

I've been waiting to feature this store for a while now. A long time ago I managed to catch a movie on TV that had me laughing & virtually clapping my hands all the way through. The story-line was very silly but the visuals were fantastic and so were the special make up effects that went with it. I can hear you now asking "And pray tell, what was the film in question?" It was KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, the ultimate stupid killer alien clown film I have ever seen....actually it's the only stupid killer alien clown film I have ever seen but it's the best! If you have never seen this movie you have to check it out, it's great. Here's the original trailer back from 1988:

Well...the film was made by the brilliant Chiodo Brothers & now they have their very own OFFICIAL CHIODO BROTHERS STORE selling unique artwork including some great Killer Klown merchandise.When I discovered their store I was like a kid in a sweet shop & a few minutes later I had ordered a Killer Klown T-shirt which I still wear with pride to this day...it's wonderful. Not everything in their store is Killer Klown related there are also Christmas Cards, Dinosaurs & the Official Chiodo Bros. Logo for sale.  If any of you are into this wonderful B Movie & love the Chiodo Bros then take a look at their store...you won't be sorry.