Monday, 1 August 2011

Dave Garlick's Digital Art

Today's featured store is DAVE GARLICK - DIGITAL ART . For many years I have been a fan of surrealism & artists such as René Magritte, André Breton, Max Ernst & of course the great Salvador Dalí. Every once in a while you see new art or hear of new artists that renew interest in surrealism, they restore faith that there are still some out there who are not conforming or following the norm. They create a spark, kick start the brain & upset the apple cart all at the same time & that is very refreshing indeed. Such a person is Mr Dave Garlick. His art is entirely created using digital means & it looks wonderful, there's some incredible imagery in there. It's made me want to dust of my surrealist hat, put on my mad trousers again & venture into that world once more now that Mr Garlick has rekindled the flame.