Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I have an inkling I want an Inkling!

Well...today I am all excited and cock-a-hoop with the news that WACOM have just announced. They are launching INKLING which is a digital pen for artists. "Ok" I hear you say..."digital pens and drawing tablets have been around for ages! What's so exciting?" Well....funny you should ask that. Yes you're right, digital pens and drawing tablets have been around for ages. In fact Wacom are one of the leading innovators and manufacturers when it comes to digital tablets but that's the point...we're not talking about a digital tablet here. They have invented a pen that draws on normal paper but at the same time it sends the information to a small digital box that can then be uploaded into a PC at a later date. It means you can digitally draw anywhere without needing to be linked to a laptop or near a computer, and that ... I think you'll find  ... is quite something. Click on this link for more info: THE INKLING