Saturday, 6 August 2011


First of all I have to say sorry to you all for not posting anything yesterday. I'd like to have a really good reason for this but truth be told I simply forgot due to so many other things going on. I have a hectic lifestyle at the best of times!

Ok, today's featured artwork & store is the wonderful VLADSTUDIO ... all the way from Russia. I fell in love with the artwork the very first time I set eyes on it. Initially it looks very simple in it's style & composition but on closer inspection it becomes apparent that an awful lot has gone into it's creation. The store itself is jam packed with images (on T-Shirts, Cards, Mouse Pads etc) & all are fanciful in one way or another. I know nothing of the artist behind it all but it's obvious that they have a brilliant imagination & a very different way of looking at things. So take yourself over to their store as I am sure there's a smile or two that will be raised once you're there.