Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Pier, A Mast and an Odd Viewpont

 Here's the first of my images for today, it was shot a few days ago on Monday 20th August 2012 and is called "Evening Sand". Brighton  is a very famous seaside city on the south coast of England. It's not however known for it's sandy beaches because it's shores are predominantly buried beneath stones, rocks and tons of pebbles. This last few days we have been blessed with an unusually low tide and the sea receded out more than it normally does revealing sand   and much of the Brighton Pier. Braving a boot full of water and wet sand I strolled out  with my camera and timed it all so that I'd be there for late evening and sundown.

Here's image two for today "Signals". This is a shot of Brighton's main television and radio transmitter which stands on Whitehawk Hill on the south coast of England. As far as I know it's stood here "transmitting" TV signals since 1959 and radio signals since 1968 when BBC Radio Brighton officially went on air. It's quite a landmark as you can see it sitting up on the hill for miles.'s my last and final image for today. The human race seems to be obsessed with living below ground or way above ground. It's very rare to find anything that's actually at ground level nowadays. "As Above So Below" was shot from the stairwell of an underground car park in Regency Square, Brighton, England. I thought it would make for an interesting image as I was below ground level but looking up at homes in the sky. t also draws ones attention to just how colorless our architecture and surroundings are. If it wasn't for the glorious blue of the sky in this shot there'd be nothing but grey, dull browns and white.

All Photography © Justin Hill