Friday, 10 August 2012

A Pylon, A Bus Stop and A Gardeners Arms

Here's my three for today : Friday 10th August 2012

Image #1 "Pylon" :- Normally I hate it when these things muck up the skyline and the countryside but I have to admit from my point of view this one actually added a great deal to the image. I love the way it appears to stand alone right on top of the hill with the cables trailing off either way into the unknown. This was shot near the villageof Fulking in Sussex, England.

Image #2 "Bus Stop" :- A last minute shot and afterthought as I was waiting to get back home late one night on Brighton seafront. All was enveloped in darkness but the Brighton Wheel and Pier were doing their best to install a sense of fun and excitement even in the dead of night. The Victorian street lamp simply added to the scene by illuminating part of the road for me.

Image #3 "The Gardeners Arms" :- This was a late evening shoot in and around the ancient town of Lewes in Sussex, England. The weather was beginning to close in and the odd drop of rain was already starting to fall giving the sky an eerie greenish glow to it. This English pub in Foundry Lane looked to be the epitome of what an English pub should look like. Cold and weather beaten on the outside, warm and inviting on the inside. Surrounded by history and selling real ale!

All Photography © Justin Hill