Saturday, 25 August 2012

A Sunset, A Crescent and A View

Ok it's piccy post time again folks. We kick things off today with image one which is titled "Light Of The World". Sundown in Brighton on the South Coast of England as seen from the famous Brighton Pier. It must have been somewhere around 20:00 pm when I took this shot. a wonderful half light had descended over everything and the sea trying its best to reflect some of t back up. The West Pier and busy seafront stand black against the sky along with the odd silhouetted figures on the beach taking pleasure in a rare glimpse of sand.

"Adelaide Crescent" is image number two. Hove sits directly next to Brighton. In fact the two blend into each other forming what looks to be one huge town/ city but they are in fact very different entities in their own right.  This is the very grand and stunning Adelaide Crescent in Hove. It's rare to get a shot of the place without people wandering about on the pavements (sidewalks) or cars whizzing up and down the road so I was thrilled to discover it was waiting for me peacefully when I got there. The Crescent is named after Queen Adelaide (wife of William IV) and was built between 1850 and 1860 (although plans were drawn up for it's construction in 1830).  It was designed by architect Decimus Burton (designer of Kew Garden's Palm House). The Square is now Grade II listed.

Last image from me today is called "There'll Always Be an England". A rare and beautiful view.  Rolling countryside with not a road, building or power line in sight. This image was captured as I was walking along a public bridleway between the villages of Falmer and Kingston in Sussex, England. Why we are obsessed with covering all this up with grey featureless slabs is beyond me. There is something inherently 'spiritual' about looking out over such greenery and natural splendor, it lifts you up, fills the lungs with fresh air and your heart with strength.

All Photography by Justin Hill ©