Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Tree, A Boat and a Building

Here's is image #1 from me "Tree of Consumerism" . This part of Brighton (on the South coast of England) used to be a very run down area. It was mainly industrial sites, car parks and trash. A few years ago the entire region was redeveloped and smartened up. Like most areas that are regenerated this involved new housing and the inclusion of a dirty big supermarket. Greenery was systematically removed to make way for slabs of concrete and blocks of grey / brown brickwork. In order to make us feel like it was all worth while a few trees were planted to make us think we are in a healthy environment. This solitary tree sprouts out of a small hole in the paving directly in front of the supermarket windows that have their blinds drawn for the night.

Image #2 today is "Anchors Aweigh". There are many old boats within Shoreham Harbor and there's a section that's full of house boats. I've often wondered what it's like to live on a boat. I think I'd quite enjoy the experience providing it wasn't on the sea or high tidal water. All that bobbing up and down and swaying to and fro stuff makes me go quite green and I am much better on dry land. Anyway, this image is of one of the old house boats.

Last post from me today is "Café Italiano". This is Café Italiano on the corner of New Road and Church Street in the city of Brighton, England. As far as I can find out this building was constructed somewhere within the 1700's. What it was built to hold or what its use was then I have no idea. I do however know that from 1894 to 1958 it was *W.J. Crabb & Son*, Wine Merchants. Apparently the entire building was theirs. Since then it's changed hands many times and has been sandwich bars, coffee shops and has even sold aquariums and fish. Now it's the Café Italiano with seating outside so you can eat and drink alfresco (weather permitting).

All Photography © Justin Hill