Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Window, A Way and A Lost Cause

Image one for today is titled "Spectrum". The sun was out and beating down on everything the day I took this shot. It was very hot indeed. So to cool off for a while I decided to grab some shade and shelter in the ancient church of Saint Nicholas in Shoreham, Sussex (England) and have a look around. The church is an amalgamation of building work through the ages and it's very interesting and fascinating to see it's historical growth. It starts in Saxon times, then the Norman's added to it and then work was also done in the 13th and 14th Centuries and then modern times added the choir vestry and vicars vestry. Anyway...this window was casting some wonderful colors on the heavy thick walls due to the bright sunshine outside so I thought I'd grab a shot before venturing back out into the afternoon heat.

"Many Too Many" is image number two for today. This was shot from a public right of way on farmers land near the village of Falmer in Sussex, England. In the distance and to the north you can clearly see part of the south downs rising up. The shadows were starting to get long as it had already gone 19:30 pm in the evening. It was very peaceful and extremely rural.

I'm pleased I wasn't on this boat which is why the title of this image is "Sunk". I have no idea what happened here but I do know that a boat is meant remain on the surface of water and not go below it. The River Adur in Shoreham (England) is tidal so the water level will rise and fall accordingly but I don't think there's much hope left for this particular little boat. The iron boat in the background looks to be at a dangerous angle too. I'd like to take time to thank the two Swans for investigating what I was doing and in the process helping to balance the shot up for me. Cheers!

All Photography © Justin Hill