Sunday, 19 August 2012

Angels, Caves and Dramatic Skies

Image number one for today is titled "Salvation Lets Their Wings Unfold" This was shot yesterday (18th August 2012) as I wandered about the city in the heat of the sun. This is not a cropped shot either, this is how it was captured. I got as low as I could on the grass verge / road in the graveyard and aimed up trying to frame the angel within a sky surround. I didn't want anything else to intrude in the image as I just wanted clean blue and white imagery. I did get a funny look from an elderly couple who drove past but other than that it all went well. It is an HDR shot, but a simple one held back to keep lines clean and crisp. High pass was used afterwards with soft light just to give it a little 'zing' but that's all.

Image number two for today "Chalk Cave". This is the beach at Saltdean on the south coast of England. Normally you cannot gain access to this part of the beach as it's under water and very hard to get to. On this particular day the tide had gone out a long way and I struggled over many slippery rocks for ten minutes to get to this secluded spot. That's when I spotted the cave. I don't know anything about it at all. It's certainly not natural as it looks to have been cut into the chalk cliff face. Who did it and how long it's been there for is anyone's guess. It may be may be 20 years old. I have no idea. Makes a great image though.

Last image from me today is "Afterburn". The beginnings of a storm front rolling in over the back of Brighton on the south coast of England. I was between Woodngdean and the village of Falmer when I pulled over to grab this shot. It looked very dramatic and powerful. Needless to say later on whilst I was doing a spot of night photography the storm front caught me up and I got very wet. That seems to keep happening to me!

All Photography © Justin Hill