Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Boats, Holes and Limits

Photo time again. Here's the first of today's three "The Footbridge". This image was captured on a blisteringly hot day on the south coast of England at Shoreham Harbour. If it wasn't for the footbridge and buildings n the background I'm sure the sky and water would have blended in with each other and become one. The harbour is full of tiny little boats rising up and down with the tide. Some do not not look seaworthy at all and did spot a couple that were actually underwater and not on it. It's a very pleasant place to wander about and look around.

Here's my black and white post for today "Ranek". Well...this looks to me like it used to be a window before it became just a hole in an old flint wall. Plants and bushes grow on both sides of it now as they try their hardest to reclaim what was once theirs anyway. The board that covered over the opening has since fallen off and leans against the brickwork. As with all things in this world of ours if it doesn't move and stays still long enough someone will come along and write or draw on it. We've not moved along much since the times of the cavemen! "Ug"

Here's the last image from me today "30". This stretch of road in Sussex (England) is known as "Cora's Walk" and can be found between the villages of Poynings and Fulking at the foot of the south downs. t's a beautiful rural area with many old villages dotted throughout.

All Photography © Justin Hill