Friday, 24 August 2012

Graves, Wheels and Carousels

Image no.1 from me today is titled "Incommunicado"Just past the town of Lewes in Sussex there's an old village called Beddingham that has an ancient  Church and churchyard in it.  It's been allowed to grow reasonably wild and is in a very rural setting. It's a beautiful place o walk around and relax. This was shot from within the graveyard looking south towards the rolling countryside and Newhaven on the coast.

Image two is "The Bicycle Wheel". I'm not sure i'd like to live down the end of this alleyway but somebody obviously does as there's a door at the end under that lamp. A serious "Film Noir" shot and look to this image. Very moody and intense. Evokes the feel of the old 1940's black and white films. Have you spotted the bicycle wheel that the image is named after yet?

And here's the last image for today and I've chosen to call it "Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away". A couple sit on Brighton Beach on the South coast of England and enjoy the last of the evening sun. Shadows grow long and illuminations are turned on as the seaside city prepares itself for another busy night.

All Photography © Justin Hill