Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Greenery, Decay & Sunlight

There's a green start to my three photography posts for today and it's titled "What Angel Wakes Me From My Flowery Bed". This was photographed in a very large copse of trees between the villages of Falmer and Kingston in Sussex, England. A break in the tree canopy was allowing a vast shaft of sunlight to light up the floor and created so many different shades of green and browns. It was deadly silent wandering about inside, just the wind blowing through the leaves from time to time and the odd chatter of birds. No traffic, no talking...nothing.

Image number two is "House Boat". I've been told that this old decaying and ramshackled houseboat in Newhaven (Sussex, England) is due to be removed. Apparently it's been there for a very long time. It does look like someone used to live on it, I have no idea as to why it's been abandoned. From the quayside you can just about see various objects through the broken windows, it looks like it hasn't been lived in for years. The metal gangway is full of clutter and now gated off to stop anyone from going aboard.Water was pouring out through a couple of overflow pipes and hold in the hull which indicated to me that when the tidal river is at it's highest the boat is filling up with water. It had a very creepy feel to it. I loved it.

Last image for today is called "Fried". It's a shot of Brighton seafront and promenade as it's meant to be seen. Jammed packed with tourists,day trippers and holiday makers and bathed in gloriously hot sunshine. The entire look of Brighton (Sussex, England) seafront is unique. The old iron Victorian railings run the entire length of the front whilst Regency and Georgian buildings stand proud looking out to sea. The twisted iron remains and ruins of the old West Pier have become a landmark in their own right.

All Photography © Justin Hill