Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Tree, A Palace and A Truck

Image #1 for today :- This Yew tree can be found within the churchyard in Stanmer Village , Stanmer Park, Brighton, England. According to http://www.sacred-texts.com "There are many theories to account for the ancient practice of planting churchyards and cemeteries with yew trees. Some authorities ascribe it to the adoption of ancient funeral rites; others to the prosaic notion of keeping the wind off the church; others, again, to the warlike need of bows and arrows--yew being especially serviceable. A large body of writers believe the use of the yew was symbolic--it typified by its unchanging verdure the doctrine of the resurrection. A few cynically assert that yews, being gloomy and poisonous, are rightly used for churchyard decoration; and there are not wanting writers who see in the practice a tribute to the superstitious regard men have always paid to trees. We may examine one or two of these suggestions, although no definite conclusion may be possible. We know that the ancient Britons planted yews near their temples long before Christianity was introduced into England, and this would suggest a custom on the island not necessarily Roman or Christian."

Image #2 :- It's hard to live in the city of Brighton and avoid posting photographs of the Royal Pavilion. It's the most famous thing in the city, it's what made the city and originally put us on the map thanks to the exploits of it's most famous inhabitant the Prince Regent (later to become King George IV).   
The Pavilion was originally built as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales. Between 1815 and 1822 the designer John Nash redesigned and greatly extended the Pavilion turning it into the marvel and wonder you see in this image.

Image #3 :- Over the weekend I was told that a circus was in a nearby town and that it's location would make for a superb image. As soon as it was possible I jumped in the car and drove out to Peacehaven on the south coast of England hoping for a great shoot. When I got there I found the circus had all but gone, the tent had been packed away, the caravans had "shipped out" and the the clowns had removed their make up. This truck was all that was left but I liked the look of it anyway so decided to capture it. The colors were spot on and looked great against the green grass and the evening sky. It's parked right up on the cliff top too....if you look between the truck and the trailer you can just see part of the English Channel.

All Photography © Justin Hill