Monday, 6 August 2012

My images for today.

Image #1 :- Here's the first of my images for today. Another case of getting my timing right without realizing it. I'd actually driven out to Telscombe (Sussex, England) to photograph something else only to discover that it had gone once I got there so I decided to have a wander about down by the beach and the cliffs instead.  I stopped to capture this image of the steps because I liked the way there was very little color apart from the life saving equipment on the wall. he lighting was perfect with the dark clouds coming in on the far upper left  and the light trickling over the chalk on the upper right. Another happy accident n the can!

Image #2 :- I don't know why but I always post two colour shots and one black and white. Funny how you get into a routine and then stick to it isn't it. Anyway here's today's black and white image. It's not often I find myself at the bottom end of the beauty spot called "Devil's Dyke" in Sussex, England. I am normally at the top overlooking a lot of the south of England and "snapping away". On this occasion I decided to drive down from the dyke and through a few of the old villages at the bottom. This shot was looking up towards the hills of the beauty spot from a farmers field in the village of Fulking.

Image #3 :- I love the eerie atmosphere that empty fairgrounds radiate. There's something inherently wrong about the silence and stillness when you know the place should be filled with noise, music and laughter. This "Dodgem Car" ride can be found on the end of Brighton Pier on the south coast of England. I'd got there fairly early in the day and the staff, pier and rides were still trying hard to wake up and get started. It was perfect for me to wander around and capture everything in it's static status before mayhem was unleashed and the thrills erupted.

All Photography © Justin Hill