Monday, 13 August 2012

Near Bridge, Far Bridge, Footbridge

My three for today are...

Image #1 "Sunlight Bridge" :- This is an unusually sunny image of the railway bridge spanning the River Adur at Shoreham, Sussex, England. The sunlight was just at the right angle to mimic the lines of the tracks above as well as directly reflect the bridge itself in the river. I loved the rusty golden under-lighting that was picking out the riveting and iron work. Shortly after this shot a train went overhead causing me to jump out of my was deafening!

Image #2 "Towards Cliffe Bridge" :- Yes, before I talk about this shot I did get wet ... in fact I got soaked as the skies decided to open up and send forth a downpour bordering on a biblical scale just after I captured this image. Anyway...I digress. This is a shot looking down the river towards the old Cliffe Bridge in the even older and ancient town of Lewes in Sussex, England. This area still looks to me to be unchanged since Victorian times. It had a very Dickensian feel to it.

Image #3 "Sky Walkway" :- In order to drive down to Brighton Marina (on the south coast of England) you have to negotiate a network or roads and tunnels etc. This obviously means that at road level above there are gaping large holes that need to be navigated. Most of these can be walked around but there is the odd walkway and footbridge. The footbridge in this image is no longer in use and is closed off at both ends .It used to service the old gasworks that are now decommissioned and allowed staff to gain entry to and from the main office block that has since been knocked down. It's a remnant of 1970's architecture and design and serves no purpose anymore.

All Photography © Justin Hill