Thursday, 30 August 2012

Old Iron, Old Steps and New Crops

Image one for today is "In The Mood". A view of the old iron Victorian supports of the West Pier on Brighton beach (South Coast of England). The lighting was just right for this shot, the pebbled beach, sea and sky were looking reasonably colorful but the supports were standing in silhouette begging me to take the shot.

"Let's Twist Again" is the title of image number two. This shot is "fresh off the press" as they say because it was taken this morning (30th Aug 2012) approx 10:30 am. These are the 1930's built steps that lead between the cliff top and the beach at Ovingdean Gap. It was threatening to rain heavily and apart from me there was a distinct lack of human life out and about. Perfect.

Last image from me today is called "Fields of Gold". It's a color shot from a farmers field in the village of Fulking in Sussex, England. I loved the contrast of the rich golds and browns of the corn against the thick lush greens of the South Downs. It was a very hot and bright day and the sunlight was trying to make the blue of the sky bleed into everything in sight. Apart from the odd passing car and the odd bird twittering about all was silent and calm. A gentle breeze made the crop sway to and fro forming rippling waves down the length of the field. It was absolutely idyllic.

All Photography © Justin Hill