Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pavilions, Messages and Timing

Posting images early today as it's looking like it's going to be a gloriously sunny and hot day so am thinking of venturing out with the camera later. Here's my first image for today "Palace Light".  I grabbed my chance a few days ago as I was wandering through the Pavilion Gardens in Brighton (England). Normally there are people and tourists everywhere in these gardens, even at night. It was unusual to find myself there without anyone else being around so I was able to set up the tripod and take my time without fear of being photo bombed or disturbed. It was luxury. I knew at the time of capturing it that the image was going to look great but I have to admit it stunned me just how good the end result was! Many see images of the Brighton Royal Pavilion for the other side, the famous side with the large "onion dome" and wide grass expanse in front of it. This is the other side and the entrance through which visitors enter when it's open to the public.

Image two is a simple shot and it's called "HELP". I was walking along the beach looking for photo opportunities when I spotted this chalked message and doodle on a rock. Made me smile at the time. I have no idea who drew it but several suspects were in the area at the time and they were mainly children playing in the sea and looking for crabs and things in the smaller rock pools that the tide had left behind. It shall have to remain a mystery and the sea will have long since washed it clean away but at least I was there to capture it for all to see.

 Third and final image for today is "Kings Road". For those of you that know Brighton (on the South coast of England) very well you will suddenly realise just what an achievement it is to photograph Kings Road on the seafront without getting any traffic in the shot at all ... especially on a very hot and sunny day! No trick photography or photo editing to remove traffic, this is how it was. It was a simple exercise in patience and timing. Watching the traffic signals behind me I was waiting for those few seconds where there was some space. In actual fact it was very busy as a tail back of traffic was just behind me (going East in the opposite direction) and there was a hoard of vehicles trying to go West waiting for the lights to change. I grabbed my chance!

All Photography © Justin Hill