Friday, 17 August 2012

Rubbish, Moody and Wet

Post number one from me today is "Garbage Man". This is the sort of thing that everyone walks past without giving it a second glance or thought ... as for me I stopped dead in my tracks and took the shot. The rubbish / trash / garbage looked to be placed very neatly and fanned out in a way that seemed to balance up the image. The icing on the disposed cake for me was the graffiti of the bright red / orange  figure standing by the bin as if they'd just placed the rubbish there themselves. Made me smile a lot.

This next image "The Exchange" is dark and extremely moody. This was shot in the Royal Pavilion Gardens in Brighton (England) approx at 8:50 pm. The lamplight was casting odd and eerie shadows on the ground and the old metal bench looked like it was waiting for a couple of spies to exchange briefcases or for someone to drop a package in the trash bin next to it. The night sky was still hanging onto it's light and fighting of the darkness for as long as it could hence the daylight in the background to the right of the shot.

"Test of Time" is the last image for today. This was taken on a grey, wet and miserable day in Eastbourne on the south coast of England. This was shot on Eastbourne's Victorian Pier which opened on 13th June 1870. No tourists, pensioners or day trippers to be seen as the weather was awful. The one thing this image cannot convey is the bitterly cold wind blowing in off the sea and the taste of salt on your lips from the odd sea spray and moisture in the air. Needless to say shortly after this shot I was forced to take cover as the heavens opened up and lashed everything in sight with driving rain. Ah ... the great British seaside.

All Photography © Justin Hill