Monday, 20 August 2012

Seascape, Iron and Lines

Here's my first image for today and it's titled "The Sun Goes Down". It's another case of being in the right place at the right time. I'd never been down on the beach at Peacehaven before and I just happened to be there as the sun was saying farewell and casting a beautiful light over everything. After slipping and sliding my way out over the rocks I was finally in position to capture this image. This time I managed to keep my boots dry!

Here's shot number two for today "Riveting Stuff". In order to get this shot I was standing in the mud of the river back trying my best to keep my balance and not end up falling over backwards and into the River Adur at Shoreham, Sussex, England. It was a very hot and sunny day and the sunlight was casting some wonderful shadows and light through the railway bridge that I found myself standing beneath. The railings in the shot are to prevent idiots like me from getting wet or muddy. They didn't do their job.

Last image from me today is a lovely drab one and it's called "Up For Light". If you find yourself down at 'Black Rock ' and / or Brighton Marina (on the south coast of England) there are only a few ways you can get back up to the main seafront road of  Marine Parade. One is obviously by car but if you are on foot you don't have many options. There are a few steep sets of steps dotted about which seem to have been designed to empty your lungs of all available breath and air or you can walk all the way back (it's a long walk) to the Brighton Pier  which will get you at street level again. If you are on bicycle  then this ramped tunnel is pretty much your only choice. It's another one of these constructions that was designed with your safety in mind but in reality put you in danger. It's a dodgy area, especially at night. The tunnel / walkway itself smells of everything apart from what it should. It's a sensory overload of bad smells, bad light and bad feelings. Colorless, drab and devoid of pleasing features. It is , however, great to photograph.

All Photography © Justin Hill