Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sun, Rocks and Cliffe

Here are my three images for today.

Image #1 "Time To Say Goodbye" :- Not the easiest photograph to process but it was worth the time I put in to get it to look right. Taken just up the road from where I live, looking over the farmers fields and directly into the setting sun. at the time of capturing the image I knew the surroundings would be very dark and was trying to just catch the light on the plants in the foreground. The clouds and jet stream from the aircraft were highlighted beautifully. The sprawling city of Brighton lies just the other side of the silhouetted horizon.

Image #2 "The Pallet" :- I had a bit of an arduous trek in order to get this shot in the camera. There's an undercliff walk that runs along the base of the cliffs from Brighton Marina going East to Saltdean (Sussex, England) where it then terminates. I had walked for an hour or so along it (taking photographs as I went along) until i could get no further. The tide was out when I reached the end and I decided to drop down onto the beach and see if there was anything to shoot down there. It was then that I realised I could climb out over the large rocks and boulders and get around part of the cliff face that's normally cut off and out of reach from everyone. It was harder that I thought. The rocks were covered in slimy green slippery weed and algae, I nearly took a dive on several occasions that made my heart rate jump and increase dramatically. Anyway, somehow or other I made it over and through and one of the first things I grabbed an image of was this washed up wooden pallet trapped among the rocks with part of the cliff acting as a backdrop. It was then that it dawned on me that I had to make the journey back again.

Image #3 "Cliffe High Street" :- This is a late evening image of Cliffe High Street in the historical town of Lewes in Sussex, England. The weather was moving in and threatening to drench us all, a small but heavy shower had already caused me to take cover. This did however aid me to grab this image without anyone being in shot as the Café seating and tables had all been abandoned too. Just one lone photographer was daft enough to be out and about...and that was me!

All Photography © Justin Hill