Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Setting Sun, A Moody River and A Wet Lane

"Racehill Sunset" is the title of image one for today. I was on my way into Brighton one evening when the sunset made me pull over. I wandered about a little looking for a good spot to photograph it from and then found myself jogging along as I realised the sun was going down quicker that I'd expected. I ended up stopping here on Brighton Racecoarse (England) as the light looked great bouncing off the guide rails and there was little to obstruct the view.

"Ataraxia" is a Greek term used by Pyrrho and Epicurus for a lucid state of robust tranquility and that seemed to be the perfect title for this image. This is the winding, picturesque and impressive River Ouse at Cuckmere Haven. I spent four hours walking around here with my camera and  every single shot I took worked, it's hard  to take a bad shot as it is an area of outstanding beauty. This image was captured late afternoon right on the banks of the river looking across the water towards the West.

Last image for today is called "Oasis". A dark, wet and windy night in the Lanes, a historical and old part of the City of Brighton (England). The bars were full and streets were empty. Only one solitary lone figure with a camera was daft enough to be out in that weather trying to grab images whilst bracing himself against the wind. Guess who that was!

All Photography © Justin Hill