Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Street View, A Bleak View and a Metal River

The "Toy and Model Museum" is my first image for today. I'm never quite sure where the divide is between a bridge becoming a tunnel or a tunnel being a bridge. Sometimes it's screamingly obvious. If there a hole in a cliff face cutting through to the other side then it's a tunnel, if you are driving a car over a river then it's a bridge. Not sure what this is in this image. A road over a road must surely be both tunnel and bridge ... ah well. This is a view of Brighton Train Station looking up from from Frederick Place. Below you can see the open doorway of the "Toy and Model Museum" and above that the huge iron work and supports that the Victorian age was famous for. On top of that the large windows provide daylight for a Taxi rank and part of the train station concourse. You can just make out part of the train station's glass canopy roof through the windows.

Image two is titled "Wetlands". Here's a very moody shot looking West over part of the river and some marshland at Cuckmere Haven in Sussex, England. The sun was starting to get lower in the evening sky and was drenching everything in some very stark light. I knew I'd get a dramatic shot if I got close to the waters edge and reasonably low. The colors were vivid and lush but I decided to process this image as a black and white as it looked far more powerful like this.

Last shot for today is "Wild River". Over the last 25 years or so the end of Brighton Pier which opened on 20th May 1899 has seen some huge changes. They widened the end considerably and what used to be an old Victorian theatre and fishing area is now a fun fair. The "Wild River" is one of the rides on the end of the pier. For some unknown reason the lights were on but the ride was not operational the night I grabbed this image. This did mean however that I was able to get a shot without tourists, day trippers and holiday makers getting in the way of the shot! 

All Photography © Justin Hill