Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Sunset Point, Bony Fingers & an Inn

Image one for today is "Triangulation Point". It's an image of the 'Ordnance Survey "Trig Point" on Mount Pleasant which is a hill and farmland that runs between Woodingdean and Ovngdean on the south coast of England. Considering it's surrounded by villages and a also has a very large city to the west of it (Brighton) it's surprisingly rural. I was pleased to see mother nature dong one last curtain call before turning out the lights and bringing night down over  everything. The clouds were all in the right place for me too.

Image two is called "Menace". It was actually a very nice and hot sunny day when I captured this image. The colors were very vibrant, fresh and lush. I decided to process this as a black and white image because I realised that the sky would provide the perfect background for the bony fingers of the bare bush. I could have easily gone all soft with it and made it look beautiful but the hard harshness of it like this makes it far more dramatic and hard hitting.

Last image from me today is named after it's subject mater "The Wick Inn". The Wick Inn is situated just where Brighton meets Hove on the south coast of England. It'is a Grade II listed building and the building you see in this image is dated 1873. The original Wick Inn was an old thatched building.

All Photography © Justin Hill