Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Victorian Remnant, Old Steps & Salt Air

"Stand Alone" is the title of the first image for today. Brighton (on the South Coast of England) was very famous for it's two piers. Both were iron marvels of the Victorian age. One continues to stand strong against the elements and still provides entertainment to this very day, the West Pier however is another story. It was built in 1866 and was one of only two Grade I listed piers in the UK. In 1975 it was closed to the public and deemed unsafe due to deterioration. On 28 March 2003 the pavilion at the end of the pier caught fire, the cause of the fire remains unknown. On 11 May 2003, another fire broke out, consuming most of what was left of the concert hall. The fire re-ignited on 12 May. Arson was suspected: the West Pier Trust refers to the fires as the work of "professional arsonists". o see just how resplendent the West Pier was in her day here's a ling that shows her n all her glory in 1920 :-

Image number two for today is called "Shades of a Victorian Era". In actual fact Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent, England is far older than Victorian times it's just that the area in this image looks to be from that age as a more "Dickensian" look and feel to it. There is evidence that "Iron Age" farming took place in the surrounding fields of Tunbridge Wells. The town as we know it today really came about during the seventeenth century. By the eighteenth century to town had gained fame as a Spa town and tourists were flooding in to bathe in the waters for medicinal purposes. In 1889 the town became a Borough. 1902 saw the opening of an Opera House, and in 1909 the town received its "Royal" prefix from King Edward VII.

Last image from me for today is titled "Bright Sand". When most people find themselves at Cuckmere Haven (south Coast of England) you can guarantee that they will take a photograph of the famous Coast Guard houses with the white chalk cliffs of the "Seven Sisters" behind them. Ok..I admit I have got a shot like that but simply have not uploaded it yet, However, this is a shot of the same coast guard houses but from the beach looking West into the late evening sun. As salt water seeped into my boots and the soft sand was trying to drag me deeper down I was battling with the tripod and trying to capture this image. I loved the stark sunlight on the tanned sand and the fact that other than the blue of the sky there was very little color to be seen. There was a strong smell of seaweed in the air and a taste of salt on my lips.

All Photography © Justin Hill