Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ancient Temple, Hard Stuff & a Door to Die For

"Lanna Chedi" is the title of my first image for today. This is the majestic temple of "Wat Chedi Liam"  which was one of the wats (temples) in the ancient Thai city of Wiang Kum Kam, now part of the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. The temple was built c.1287 and is still in use to this day, Monks still reside there. The Chedi itself is a five-tiered design and construction that's common with the early Lanna period ('Lanna' rule refers to the period AD 1259-1558).

 Not a surprise to find that image two is called "Rocks & Sand". A simple shot that's actually visually powerful. No sky. No trees. No greenery. Four layers filling the image top to bottom and from side to side : Sand, Rock, Concrete & Chalk. That's it. Hard imagery at it's best.

Last image for today is titled "Lamphun Gateway". Pretty impressive huh! This awesome looking door and gate is a section of an ornamental wall that forms part of the "Queen Chamadevi Monument" in the town of Lamphun in the north of Thailand. Queen Chamadevi founded Lamphun as the capital of the Haripunchai kingdom in the 9th century. Not far from the town's main market there is a statue of the Queen (offerings are still left to this very day), this ornate and beautiful stone doorway sits behind that statue. There are many legends about the Lanna Queen "Chamadevi". Apparently she was a strikingly beautiful woman who endured many personal misfortunes. More information about the Queen can be found here :- Queen Chamadevi

All Photography © Justin Hill