Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dancing Shadows, A Victorian Box and the Seaside

Image one for today is "Everybody Is The Same Inside". I loved the light pouring through this small group of trees. The greens looked almost neon, they were so vivid. The shadows were dancing around on the grass as the leaves and branches played with them in the wind. The silhouetted trunks added a little mystery and fantasy. This was shot in the village of Falmer on the outskirts of Brighton, England.

"The Signal Box" is image two. This is the old signal box located in the harbor town of Newhaven on the south coast of England. It was designed by Victorian signalling contractors "Saxby and Farmer" and was opened in 1879. It controlled the railway traffic by using a 24 lever frame. In 1953 the box got a replacement lever frame from the Three Bridges signalbox in Crawley and that is the current frame still in use today!

"By The Beautiful Sea" is he last of today's images. This is how Brighton should look and be every single day. It was a seaside town and it's now a seaside city. It has been a hotspot for tourists and day trippers for a couple of centuries (if not longer). Unfortunately a lot of the time the sun does not grace us with it's presence , the clouds are grey and gloomy and more often than not the seafront is being thrashed by wind and rain. On this day is was an absolute holiday makers dream. Hot sun, cool sea, fish & chips stalls, jellied eel stalls, ice cream stalls etc. I was born and bred in this wonderful place and it's still home to me whenever I am in the UK.

All Photography © Justin Hill