Friday, 14 September 2012

Dark Shadows, Film Noir & Storm Clouds

Image one for today is called "Breaking Through". This shot was captured on the inside edge of the mighty Friston Forest which sits on the South Coast of England just behind the Seven Sisters Country Park between Seaford and East Dean. I loved the sunlight creating a curtain of greenery in the background whilst at the same time turning everything else nearby into dark and foreboding shapes and shadows. The forest itself is 3,000 acres of woodland with many paths and tracks making it possible to be there for many hours without leaving the forest.

"Voice in the Wind" is the title of today's second image. Here's a seriously moody shot that was actually captured last night (Sept 13th 2012) around 19:45 pm on farmland not so far from my house. I'd noticed the pink clouds from my window and thought I'd take a walk up the hill with my camera to see what the sun, sky and weather were up to. It was very blustery and cold but I managed to put a few shots away before deciding it was time to head back and warm up.

"Just a Spark Sets the Anger in Motion" is the last image for today. Sometimes you need very little to aim the camera at to get a shot. I was walking into Brighton (on the South Coast of England) one evening back in August when the heavy storm clouds decided to break and let a golden burst of light out over the sea. It was quite breathtaking so I tried to get a half decent shot of it before it vanished and this was the result. Just down to the bottom right you can make out the end of the Victorian Brighton Pier.

All Photography © Justin Hill