Saturday, 1 September 2012

Evenings, Schools and Wet Lanes

"The Embrace". A couple cling onto each other on Brighton beach (England) as the day draws to a close and evening prepares to take over. The sun dips in the West towards the sea casting long shadows on the pebble strewn promenade. The Carousel and seafront arches become a mixture of silhouettes and golden light. I wasn't going to post this image at all due to the spots of salt spray on the lens causing all the mini light flares but I think they add to the overall feel of the image so I'm sharing it with you all anyway!

This is a very old street called 'Church Street' in the equally old town of Steyning in West Sussex, England. Steyning has been in existence since Anglo-Saxon times. Edward the Confessor granted his royal minster church in Steyning as a thank you to his Norman protectors for refuge during his exile. In this image you can see on the left hand side "Steyning Grammar School", it was founded and endowed as a grammar school in 1614 by William Holland and is still a Grammar School to this very day.

"Dukes Lane At Night". Dukes Lane is a relatively new addition to the very famous and old Lanes in Brighton (England). It was built in the 80's and is mainly boutique type stores with the addition of a couple of Caf├ęs. I'd decided to walk back from Hove late one night after some seriously heavy rainfall and found myself wandering through the darkened back streets and alleyways in search for something to point my camera at. Dukes Lane was a welcome blaze of light which indicated I was nearing civilisation and my local bar!

All Photography by Justin Hill ©