Monday, 24 September 2012

Mirrored Wheels, Cargo Ships and Subways

Image one is "Time to Reflect". Everyone (including myself) was down on the beach and grabbing shots of the pier and the sunset. I turned to see a vision of the Brighton Wheel and seafront reflecting off the wet shimmering sand. I looked around and realised that everyone was facing out to sea. Nobody was taking any shots of the reflected wheel and front. would have been rude not to wouldn't it?

"Emsmoon" is image two. Shoreham Harbor on the south coast of England plays host to many big ships. They load up and drop off their precious cargo throughout the year. The day I went down there the sun was out and blazing hot. Many were on the beach sunbathing and children were playing in the water and by the waters edge. It seemed to me to be a strange place to try to relax. The lapping of water, sun on you skin, laughter of children playing and the clanking of ships being loaded and klaxons and horns going off each time one was pulling out to sea. Not much of a view either...unless of course you happen to be a photographer.

Last image for today is "Green Way". The subway that goes under the main coast road at Ovingdean used to be run down, dark, smelly and an altogether unpleasant way to get to the cliff tops and beach on the south coast of England. It's recently been painted and renovated to make it a more bearable and safer place. This is a view looking north with the coastal exit behind me. The title is a play on words as the road it leads to in Ovingdean village is called Greenways.

All  Photography © Justin Hill