Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Thai 'Ban', a House for Heroes & Solitude

"Second Home". Something a little different from me today. I am often posting images of my home town of Brighton on the south coast of England but when I am not living there I am living up in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Here's an image that I captured on March 21st 2011 from my father-in-law's field. It's of the village of Ban Dong in a region called Omkoi in the Province of Chiang Mai. Ban Dong is our village, it's my second home, "Ban" is Thai for village or town. Over the brow of that small hill and in among the palms and  bamboo trees is our house. It an idyllic real working Thai mountain village. The nearest city is that of Chiang Mai which is a good two and a half hour drive north, an hour and a half of which is a winding, dipping, rising, switchback mountain road. I love this village.

Google Earth Ref :-  17°47'59.14"N  98°22'2.43"E

External Links :- Omkoi District & Omkoi

Second image for today is the "Lifeboat Station". Shoreham Lifeboat Station is situated on Kingston Beach on the Brighton Road in Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex, England. Over its 140 year history Shoreham Harbour lifeboat crew have been presented with over 20 awards for gallantry. In 2010 the station was rebuilt so it could accommodate its new Tamar class lifeboat (Tamar Class). The station is an "Explore" station which means it's open to the public all year and offers free access to look around.

"Hello, Loneliness" is my third and final image of today. One solitary figure of a woman sits in a very empty and deserted Queens Park within the city of Brighton on the south coast of England. I was surprised to find the park devoid of owners walking their dogs & children playing. Just this one lonely girl, sitting, staring at the park clock tower, doing nothing.

All Photography © Justin Hill