Monday, 17 September 2012

Reflected Clouds, a Walkway and a Curve

First image for today is called "Mercurial River". This is a view looking South West across the river at Cuckmere Haven in Sussex, England. The color of the river seems to change with each and every look depending on natural light and what angle you are viewing it from. In places it was a muddy brown, in others it was almost black and foreboding and here it was an absolute vision and reflecting the clouds and sky with perfect precision whilst taking on the look of a silvery mercury river.

"The Other Side" is image two. At the end of Hove Park Villas in Hove (Sussex England) you will find this old and curious walkway that leads up and over the railway lines and to the main building of the station. The station itself was built from the mid to late 1800's, additional structures and extensions have been added over time. On this particular day the sunlight was very strong and made for a very moody looking image.

Last one from me today is titled "Up Around The Bend".I am always surprised with just how much faith we put into man made structures sometimes. These spindly and rusting metal frames hold up a track that supports a small roller coaster ride on the end of Brighton Pier on the south coast of England. They themselves stand on reinforced wooden planking that forms the deck of the pier.
The deck of the pier is supported by huge iron "legs" and struts that were built in the 1800's and are encrusted with mussels and seaweed and are under constant bombardment from the sea. So what we end up with is a tower of different constructions built over a huge period of time on which we are only happy to hurtle around on at speed, negotiating tight bends and looping the loop . If you ask me that's all a little bit crazy!

All Photography © Justin Hill