Sunday, 9 September 2012

Scale , Arches and Moody Beaches

This is "The Sanctuary" within the mighty church of St Bartholomew's in the City of Brighton on the south coast of England. The huge Byzantine style baldachino over the high alter dates from 1899. It stands 45 feet (13.716 meters) high and is built wth brick that faced with marble. The ceiling s of gold mosaic and mother of pearl. Just to give you a sense of scale for this image and alter the figure of Christ on the cross is actually life size and each of the large brass candlesticks (three on either side) are also the size of a man.

Image two for today is "Numbers". It is a shot of a couple of the famous arches on Brighton & Hove seafront (England). A potted history of the arches can be found via this link :- King's Road Arches

Last one from me today is titled "Dream a Little Dream of Me". This image was captured a few weeks ago on Telescombe Beach (Sussex, England) at approximately 20:30 pm. The tide was out and seemed to be deciding if it was worth coming back in again, the sky was pleasantly brooding and had given up on giving us a full show of a sunset, it sort of got halfway and then couldn't be bothered. All these things added up to a wonderful feeling and view as I aimed my camera towards the West.

All Photography © Justin Hill