Monday, 10 September 2012

Vapour Trails, Ornate Iron & Wet Moods

OK folks. Here's my first photographic post for this Monday and it's called "Airspace". I was actually on my way to a  garden party at Stanmer House within Stanmer Park in Brighton (England) on Saturday evening when I stopped to grab this shot. The day was giving way to the night and as the light faded and the sun was showing off for the last time it lit up all the contrails and vapour trails from all the air traffic that invades the airspace of Sussex. Gatwick airport is approximately 23 miles north of Brighton so the skies above the south coast of England are busy most of the time. 

Shot two for today is called "Bandstand Detail". This is a close up detail of a section of the famous Victorian Bandstand which stands on Brighton & Hove seafront on the south coast of England. The Bandstand (nicknamed "The Birdcage") was completed in 1884 and is considered to be one of the finest examples of a Victorian bandstand still surviving in England today. This shot shows the high standard of decorative iron work that the Victorians were able to achieve.

"Rustic Glow" is the last image for today. The famous Brighton Pier half in silhouette and half caught in golden sunlight as the sun dives below the western horizon. The tide very kindly decided to retreat further out than it normally does to reveal the old rusted iron supports and legs of the pier. Covered in barnacles, mussels, weed and rust they glow a deep red whilst showing the vast complexity that most tourists will overlook whilst they take in the entertainments provided on the decking above.

All Photography © Justin Hill