Friday, 7 September 2012

Wet Palms, Foam and Manic Clowns

Image one for today is called "South Westerly Winds". I don't really get to travel about with the camera as much as I'd like to. Most of the time I am within the City of Brighton and my images are confined and restricted to that area. When I do find the time (and money) to fuel the car and drive for a bit it's an absolute joy. Typically when I do the weather is not always that great and on this occasion the seafront at Eastbourne (on the South Coast of England) was blustery, grey, wet and windy. I managed to grab a few half decent shots before the heavens opened up and subjected us to a torrential downpour and this was one of them. Palms are usually drenched in sunshine unless of course they are on the Coast of England.

Shot number two is called "Surf". A simple title for a simple image. It's not often that I create a black and white image of the sea. This shot fascinated me with it's simplicity and for some reason I knew it had to be processed as a black & white. Sand, Sea, Sky...that's it.No birds, boats, stoned or pebbles to clutter up the image. For some reason it makes me think of some of the old black and white European Art films from the 70's.

"The Shuffle" is the last image for today. Ever since I was a child I have loved clowns. My parents used to take me to the Circus whenever it came to town and as much as I loved all the acts it was the clowns that I enjoyed the most. My mother had a friend called Joan Rosaire (, Joan was a well respected circus performer and horse trainer and one year the circus rolled into town and Joan's name was on the bill. Joan gave us free tickets for the show and afterwards I got to go 'backstage' and sit with Joan in her caravan. I was overjoyed when one of the clowns (still in make up) dropped by to say hello, it made my day that I had met a real clown. "Pennywise" has never scared me once. "IT" is a fantastic tale of horror but the fact that the main evil character is a clown makes no difference to me, I love them. One of my favorite films from the 80's is the Chiodo Brothers "Killer Klowns from Outer Space", awesome silly flm with some superb idea and visuals. Anyway...this image is of a display in a store called "MAGIC" in Brighton. The owner of the magic store very kindly allowed me to step inside and take some shots. Obviously I gravitated towards the grotesque clown shuffling the cards. The bright colors and made stare made me grin like an idiot. I was back in the circus again. A world full of car horns, bangs and manic laughter. Bring it on!

All Photography © Justin Hill