Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Dickensian Feel, A Water Pump & a Distant Isle

"Stationed Below" :- Shot on a very grey and miserable Saturday late afternoon. The light was failing very fast and everything I looked at appeared to be sulking and very moody. This building intrigues me as I had never noticed it before. It's definitely Victorian and made me think of the slum areas of Dickensian times. If you look above (top of image) you'll see there's no sky, just a mass of iron girders and thick planking. That is the underside of Brighton train station. I don't know what the building below it was used for or what it is used for now bu it's obviously still in use and still looks like it's stuck n the 1800's (apart from the neon tube lighting and modern scaffolding).

"All Mod Cons" :- Smack in the center of this image you can see an original old cast iron Victorian water pump. It stands at the side of the pond in the village of Falmer, Sussex, England. Apparently the last time it actually produced water was 1932 but up until that it was the water supply for the village.

"Sunset in the South" :- This image was shot on the road ( B2123) between Woodingdean and Falmer in Sussex, England. The view overlooks the entire city of Brighton with Shoreham and Worthing n he distance too. In fact on the evening it was perfectly clear and the atmospherics were just right which enabled the Isle of wight to show up on the horizon as well (view full sized the I.o.W. is just left of center). Smoke hangs low in some areas and lights within the city are just being switched on. This shows just how rural it is on the edges of the city. Brighton seemingly sits in a coastal bowl that's surrounded by the South downs, fields and farmland.

All Photography © Justin Hill