Saturday, 6 October 2012

An Idyllic Barn, An Injured Statue & An Experiment

"Haven" :- I trudged way away from the worn paths that all the tourists and hikers walk along. The sheep were watching me closely and but I was watching them even closer as I didn't really fancy being charged or butted. The sun broke just as I got to the top of the hill and this is the view that greeted me. A barn on farmland nestled in among some trees with the land rolling around it, far right there is just a small visible sliver of blue sea. This was captured at Cuckemere Haven on the south coast of England.

"Angel Fingers" :- A one handed angle stands strong, tall and proud in remembrance within the Brighton and Preston Cemetery in Brighton, England. I am very happy with the lighting in this image and it was a natural choice to go with the black and white processing thus giving it a far harder edge and stronger contrasts. I wonder what happened to her hand ...

"Keep Focused" :- An interesting shot that's the product of me experimenting on a whim as I wind my way home after several pints of beer. For some unknown reason I focused on the old Victorian railing in the foreground and then let things take their course once I hit the shutter release button. I really like the result which is why I've chosen to share it with you all today. The Brighton Pier is virtually lost in the blaze of light it produces from it's 62,000 light bulbs (they use a selection of energy saving bulbs, neons and low voltage lights). The sea reflects the illuminations whilst the Brighton Wheel takes on a ghostly glow with it's white blue lighting.

All Photography © Justin Hill