Monday, 15 October 2012

Barbed Wire, Colorless Waters & Empty Pier

"Not Welcome" :- I have no idea why this little scene caught my eye but it did. I was on a sun kissed sandy beach just where the Cuckmere River & Estuary meets the English Channel when I noticed the old wire fence and rock wall. I think it's to try and keep the tourists out from the gardens of the famous Coastguard houses that so many photograph. Typical of me to aim my camera at the barbed wire instead!

"Sky Boats" :- I had processed this image a while back and it was on file for ages but for some reason I kept overlooking it or bypassing it each time I uploaded new images. It then occurred to me that maybe my subconscious was ignoring the image for a reason so I deleted that version and went back in from the start and processed it all over again. So what;'s different about it this time? That's an easy's black and white. The original version was color and it simply wasn't working for me at all on any level. Now that I have gone in hard with the tones and knocked all the color out I find he image much more pleasing. Today it's uploaded instead of being overlooked. This is a shot from within Brighton Marina on the south coast of England.

"We are not Amused " :- On a very early and cold morning several months back I found myself taking a stroll on a very deserted Brighton Pier (on the south coast of England). Nothing had opened for business yet and the tourists were nowhere to be seen. I managed to capture this shot of the covered section of the pier with all it's fairground type attractions (hoopla, basketball, archery) and booths still  shuttered up. It seemed a completely different world whilst it was quiet. I preferred it a lot like that!

All Photography © Justin Hill