Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Blue Tube, Distant Chapel and Scribble

"Tunnel of Light" is my first image for today. Brighton's famous Victorian terrace and iron arches on Madeira Drive (England) take on a completely different look and feel after dark.  Under lit by neon blue lights plus white strip lighting from above.  The effect is simply stunning.

Image two is "Body of Water". This is a view looking across the River Adur at Shoreham towards Lancing. On the far right you can see Lancing College and it's large Gothic looking Chapel.

Last image is "Window Graffiti". Not the usual sort of window I like to photograph but it captured my attention and made me wonder if there s anything that hasn't been sprayed by a can of paint at some point. It made me think about the human's requirement to put their mark on everything for some unknown reason. 

All Photography © Justin Hill