Monday, 1 October 2012

By the Estuary, an Iron Giant and Silver Linings

Right..."River Path" kicks things off for today. Lying between the towns of Seaford and Eastbourne on the south coast of England you will fins the Cuckmere Estuary. It's a stunningly scenic and  extremely beautiful place to walk around and explore. This is a shot that I captured a while back as I was walking north along the path that runs alongside the River Cuckmere.

"Guardian" is the title of today's second image. Well, what can I tell you about this shot? I was driving along Marine Drive on Brighton seafront one afternoon back in May when I spotted what looked to be a large container high up in the air. Intrigued I grabbed my camera when I got home and then drove back in again to investigate further.  This giant of a metal man was there to greet me on my arrival. Its 20-metre high body was made of eight huge shipping containers and it's combined weight was 30 tons! After talking to security guards on the site I discovered it was all part of the Brighton Festival (England) and the show Générik Vapeur's "Waterlitz" was going to be at 21:45 pm on Sat 26th May 2012. So I took my shots and left the leviathan of a metal man standing guard. I returned a few days later to watch the show itself which to be honest was an utter and complete waste of time.  It was basically several hours of nothing happening very slowly whilst trying desperately to be passed off as art. The Iron Giant however was quite something to behold.

Darkness prevails once again so I have decided to call this image "Dark Light"! A few days ago I decided to grab the camera and drive out to Peacehaven on the south coast of England. In all the years that I have lived in the area I'd never been down on the beach there or explored the area. I have a good look around and took many shots. The tide had decided to go out for a while and it fascinated me that the rocks on the beach at Peacehaven looked very different from those on other nearby beaches. It wasn't that late in the day (this shot was captured around 17:00 pm) but the sun was playing games and hiding behind the clouds whenever it go the chance which is why this shot ended up looking more menacing and dramatic than I expected once I'd processed it.

All Photography © Justin Hill