Monday, 8 October 2012

Cake Replacement, Elevation & Stoned Metal

"Multiple Lines" :- This brand new building is going to be the replacement operations center for American Express in Brighton, England. The old building "Amex House" (which is affectionately known as "The Wedding Cake") was built in 1977 and is due for demolition in 2016. You can just see part of "Amex House" reflected in the glass (bottom right).  The new building is spacious in it's design and I have to say I really like. I think it's a huge improvement on "The Wedding Cake" and very modern.

"A Cut Above The Rest" :- The town of Peacehaven sits high up on the cliff tops on the south coast of England. In order to gain access to the beach and sea drastic measures had to taken. So they cut deep into the cliff face and built a series of steps(over 100) down to the beach. It's quite a heart in mouth journey down to the bottom but it makes for a great image once you get there and look back up!

"Elements" :- On Brighton seafront on the south coast of England there stands a sculpture. It's a huge metal hulk of a sculpture by Charles Hadcock entitled "Passacaglia" and It's sat on the beach since 1998. Apparently it was inspired by the limestone terraces at Black Head, Co. Clare in Ireland and is in the form of a tile tessellation. Children are forever running up and down on it, some people lay on it and read books whilst sunbathing and others think it's would be a good idea to climb it. Because it's on Brighton's notoriously pebble ridden beach it's forever getting stones and pebbles thrown up on it. I took this shot as I liked the mixture of textures and elements as well as the changes in lighting and hues that the metal was creating in the sunlight.

All Photography © Justin Hill