Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Creepy Memories, Warming Tires & Low Tides

"The Singing Ringing Tree" :- I thought this tree had quite a mystical and fairy-tale quality about it once I'd finished processing the image. The tree itself stands to the side of a wide footpath that runs along the side of the Cuckmere River within the Cuckmere Estuary, people walk past it constantly but pay it no attention. The title of this image comes from a children's film made by East German studio DEFA in 1957. It was a story in the style of the Brothers Grimm and was cut up into three parts and shown in the form of a television series by the BBC in the mid 1960's. I remember watching it in the 70's as the series was repeated many times over the decades. I remember it being quite spooky and unnerving at times. In 2004 a "Radio Times" readers' poll voted it the 20th spookiest TV show ever.

"Hot Wheels" :- It's funny what you notice when you have a camera in your hands. Most things you wouldn't look at twice but as soon as you are accompanied by a means to capture an image your visual awareness seems heightened and leaps up a notch or two. This image says so many things to me. It's about the invention of the wheel. It's about being able to travel about. Both are means of transport but one is about being to get around without using your legs whilst the other is about being to get around quicker by using your legs. It's about holding the cold at bay (old iron radiator in the background) and keeping warm. This was photographed in the Narthex (an entrance or lobby area of a church) of St Paul's church in Brighton, England.

"All That Remains" :- These old Victorian wooden breakwater remains are not usually visible and are normally well and truly submerged by sea water on the south coast of England. They sit just to the West of Brighton Pier (formerly known as the Palace Pier) and at the base of the large "Albion" groyne. This particular evening we were beguiled and entranced by an unusually low tide which receded much further than normal revealing much that is usually hidden from the eye. Both the Pier and Albion groyne  seemed to tower over me as I crouched down by the waters edge to get the shot.

All Photography © Justin Hill