Friday, 5 October 2012

Fun of the Fair, Black Rock & Saam Maa Naawn

"Arms & Legs" is my first image for today. I cannot ride on "The Walter", it makes me feel so ill it's just not worth it but for some unknown reason i am perfectly fine riding on his ride which is known as "The Twister". To be honest it's a very long time since I had a ride on any funfair, fairground or theme park type rides. I used to love and adore "Roller Coasters" of all descriptions and have been on many in the UK. I once had a late night (23:00 pm) dark ride on the famous "Big One" in Blackpool on the West Coast of Northern England, that was awesome. Only the headlights of the front car (I was in the front car too) lighting up the track as the theme park was closing down for the night and they were turning off all the lights. 80 mph ,hurtling through the night whilst dipping and diving. What a buzz that was! Anyway, this image was shot on the end of the Brighton Pier on the South Coast of England!

Image two is titled "Tired". It's subtle and subliminal but very noticeable once you know it's there. I spoted this old car tire / tyre  jutting out of a crack in the rocks from quite a distance and headed over there immediately to grab the shot whilst slipping and sliding my way on the wet and seaweed covered terrain.  It was wedged in and truly stuck but I thought it looked excellent and decided to take this image with the sun blasting directly at me. There is a color version from a different angle that I will post at some point in time.

Last image from me today is "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". Thought I'd share one of my silly photographs with you today. This is an image I captured in our house high up in the mountains of Omkoi in Thailand. Our two puppies "Brownie" & "Pu Fei" were taking an evening nap on my Thai cushion / lounger and my wife's "Frog" pillow when my step daughter "Kaem" came running in and placed her toy dog with them. It made for such a great image I grabbed the shot (had to use the flash). This was taken on the June 11th 2011. "Pu Fei" is unfortunately no longer with us, she was a beautiful and highly intelligent white puppy. However, "Brownie" is still going strong and is as stupid as ever.

All Photography © Justin Hill