Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Gaudy Passage, Tonal Estuary & a Glazing Nightmare

"Tenuous Links" :- This is the pedestrian tunnel that runs from the Sealife Center to Brighton's pebbled beach and food stalls on the south coast of England. In an attempt to make it brighter and more friendly it's been painted in severely bright colors with subjects that are connected with Brighton itself. Subjects range from "The Mods" (who feuded with the "Rockers" and were famously woven into The Who's album "Quadrophenia" which was also a film and scenes were shot in Brighton) and Swedish 1970's sensation "ABBA" (who's fame was firmly set in stone when they won the Eurovision song contest at Brighton's Dome Concert hall on 6th April 1974).

"The Low Down" :- A simple but effective black and white landscape captured within the Cuckmere Estuary. Right in the middle of this image you can just make out n the distance The Golden Galleon Vintage Inn which overlooks the river.

"Pavilion Windows" :- The biggest thing that amazes me about The Royal Pavilion in Brighton (England) is it's windows. Don't get me wrong, the architecture of the Pavilion is mind blowing. The Pavilion as we see it today was designed and created by John Nash between 1815 and 1822. But the windows are even more mind bending. So many sheets and individual panels of glass cut to so many different and ornate shapes fitted perfectly into their equally ornate and complex frames. The entire building is a visual treat and well worth a visit.

All Photography © Justin Hill