Thursday, 4 October 2012

Historical Musings, Puzzling Remains & Ancient Mills

Image one for today is "The Test of Time". Here a lush green and very pleasant view looking south over farmland in the village of Ovingdean on the south coast of England. If you look carefully to the far left and about halfway down you'll notice a church lurking in among the trees. This is the church of St Wulfran's and it's very old....very very old. The church is Grade I listed as certain parts of the building date from the early 12th century and it's documented in the Domesday book (compiled and written in 1086). St Wulfran's Church is unusual in that it is built entirely of flint (apart from some narrow stones at the wall corners), it's the only all-flint church in Sussex. A few years ago archaeologists dug up part of the adjoining and very undulating field next the church. They discovered the remains of a medieval manor house and evidence that they were fresh water oyster farming on the premises. The people come and go, the crops change and buildings spring up whilst others are torn down but over the centuries this small little church (incidentally the first one ever in the Brighton area) has stood it's ground whilst observing all.

"Watch Your Step" is image two. I have no idea what these step used to lead up to at all. May have been leading up to a door in a house overlooking the English Channel from high up on the cliff top. May have been part of old WWII defenses along the south coast to enable those inside to keep an eye out for the enemy whilst remaining relatively safe. I don't know. I had a good look around but couldn't see
any footings or remains of a building, just these steps, looking out to sea. Maybe they're a portal to some other land or planet. I did run up them and jump through into space but nothing happened and I'm still here so maybe not.

Last shot from me today is titled "Living Colour". Yet another case of being in the right place at he right time. Actually I wasn't ... I was driving past the right place at the right time and did a very quick turn around, managed to park and then ran like the devil to get up to the windmill and capture the scene before the sky changed. I wheezing like crazy. The windmill design is one that's endured the ages. Now we are using very similar ideas for harnessing electricity out at see by using huge wind generated turbines. Anyway this is a shot of "Beacon Mill" which stands on Beacon Hill near the village of Rottingdean not far from the city of Brighton, England. She was built in 1802 as a corn mill and she worked right up until 1881. They were even considering demolishing her in 1890. She's now very well looked after and has become a famous landmark along the south coast.

All Photography © Justin Hill