Monday, 29 October 2012

Moody Blues, Crossed Paths & The Unknown

"The Plough at Night" :- A late evening shot of the "Plough Inn" as viewed across the village pond in Rottingdean, Sussex, England. The ducks were all bedded down for the night and asleep on their island so the water lay still and undisturbed acting as a perfect mirror to the tranquil scene. Traditional English pubs and Inns are few and far between in the town and city centers nowadays. However,there are still many out in the villages that are somehow managing to survive (just about).

"Any Which Way" :- This looks like a rather odd thing to do to a pathway across a wide lawn until I explain to you where it is. This is the lawn of a building that used to be called St Dunstan's in the village of Ovingdean. It recently underwent a name change and is now better known as "Blind Veterans UK". Now the rails along the pathway make more sense.

"A Shot In The Dark" :- I know I shouldn't say this about my own shot but I think this image is superb. I don't mean that in a smug way or show off sense, just purely as a striking image which oozes atmosphere and danger. Fear of the unknown is probably one of the greatest fears of all and this image seems to convey exactly that. This is the pedestrian and bicycle tunnel near Brighton Marina that leads up and down between Madeira Drive and Marine Drive on Brighton seafront (England).

All Photography © Justin Hill