Thursday, 11 October 2012

Moody, Shady & Greedy

"Half Light" :- A great moody night shot of the famous Victorian arches, terrace and promenade steps on Brighton seafront on the south coast of England. If that orange glowing electric light at the top was replaced by a flame or old style filament lamp you'd get the idea of just how dark and creepy Victorian Brighton was once night fell. To be honest even with electric lights everywhere it's still an unnerving place to be at times.

"Evening Shade" :- This wondrous view and scene is just a five minute walk from my front door and believe it or not just a 10 minute drive from the busy hustling city of Brighton, England. When it snows in our village we get cut off from civilisation very quickly as we often get overlooked by the gritting trucks and other services during the bad weather. It's extremely rural and a great place to live.

"The World Is Mine" :- Not a set up shot at all but one of those wonderful moments that you come across from time to time. I was wandering along the undercliff walkway at Peacehaven (Sussex, England) when I suddenly spotted this chalked up message. I knew it would make a great shot the minute I noticed it as there was no other graffiti near it at all and the sea and open sky made a great backdrop for the message. It made me wonder who would want to write such a message for all to see. It seemed an odd thing to write down there on the sea defense wall. How old were they? Middle aged, teenagers or perhaps even pensioners. It then occurred to be that all megalomaniacs and despots start off as children and aspire to world domination as they get older which in turn then lead me to think that maybe this was a message left by an adolescent Bond villain.

All Photography © Justin Hill