Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mortal Airships

Once in a while I like to dabble in 3D modeling and CGI (computer generated images). I use programs like Hexagon and Bryce 7 to slowly and painstakingly construct models and scenes bit by bit and then render them to produce the final image. The biggest problem for me is knowing what to make and construct. I need inspiration, an idea and something to aim for. It's very different from when I am out with my camera where images and shooting opportunities seem to jump out at me just by opening my eyes. A year or so ago it suddenly occurred to me that a good friend of mine had a wealth of inspiration for images within the books he wrote. His name is Philip Reeve and he's the author of the wonderful steam punk driven "Mortal Engines" and it's three sequels (collectively known as "The Predator Cities Quartet"), The Fever Crumb series, Goblins and many many more. So I set to work on a couple of images and thought I would share them with you here. I have posted them on other sites (and so has Mr Reeve) but for some reason I completely overlooked posting them on here, so here they are. Two images inspired by the words, worlds and ideas of Philip Reeve.

"Mortal Engines"